May 272012
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Hooks that help your video go viral

I have talked quite a bit about the importance of video in todays online world…talking about everything from the amount of web traffic that is video (and how it is growing almost exponentially) to the fact that video pages keep visitors on a   website a lot longer than text pages, or even pages with [Watch the video]

May 192012
You ARE watching porn, aren't you?

You better be…20% of all internet traffic is porn.  Like it or hate it, porn site owners are rock stars at driving traffic. (I know, I know…I hate the term “rock star” too, along with “guru” and “ninja”.  Now “Sensai” does have a good ring to it…LOL…but all of them get the point across, right?) [Watch the video]

Apr 102012
Blog and video cost control-keep people out of your pants, part 1-the free stuff

Fighting to keep your blog cost under control can be a challenge.  A blog is a very inexpensive means of communicating ideas and information, right up until you are afflicted with BSB Syndrome. BSB…Big Shiny Button…though it’s not just a button…its the “next new thing”. If you drop your hand down by your side, you [Watch the video]

Mar 152012

As discussed in the previous post, SEO for web video is an inexact science, at best. Given the explosive growth of video this can be frustrating. Everywhere you turn, web “gurus” tell you to get into web video, then tell you that your content needs to be well optimized…then tells you that optimizing video is [Watch the video]

Mar 142012

Even for text based web content there are no hard and fast rules for Search Engine Optimization.  There are guiding principles and general “rules”, but you can find 5 different genuine SEO experts or “gurus” and get 5 different formulas for proper optimization of content, all of which are mostly right and all of which [Watch the video]