Nov 102014

I get an unreal number of emails each and every day.  While the actual number may vary, the average is well up into the triple digits spread overt 4 email addresses.  Even when you discount the ones that are for support or are inquiring about HayleStorm Interactive services and just count the ones specifically to me (people selling me services or products, news items on topics I follow, etc) I still average 200+ emails received each day.

I do not read every one. The fact is I don’t even open them all.

Once I get past those that are business related that I really have to open…emails from PayPal, my bank, my insurance company, etc…I actually open less than 10 of my emails each day.

If you receive a lot of emails you are probably the same…and guess what?  The people you email with info on Continue reading »

Bob Hayles

A Luddite at heart, Bob has adapted to being in a tech world adequately. The King of Cheap, he enjoys sharing his WordPress and inexpensive web video production skills with others. He abhors Geek-lish, but translates it into normal human language quite well. He avoids code as much as possible, and breaks out in hives at the mere sight of php, but he will make minor adjustments to HTML. He also reverts to being a Luddite at and is something of a political junkie/blowhard at

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