Jan 292014

In one of our last articles, namely this one, Bob showed us how to make our WordPress sites more secure.  In that post he discussed choosing a username that is not “admin” or some combination of your name.  Well, we looked at our own accounts, and both Bob and I were guilty of violating that rule on some sites we each own.  Maybe you are as well.

What should a blog post DO?

Here is the rub though. If you go into your User Profile, it says that the usernames cannot be changed.  This is another security feature of WordPress, but, if you left your username as “admin” what are you to do?  We just told you Continue reading »

Justin Matthews

Justin is the Stay-At-Home-Dad who is the Geek in this operation. What Bob abhors about code Justin loves. Bob has Ideas, Justin implements them, and together they are a great team. Justin has a unique ability to turn any geek-lish into English for even his mother and mother in law, no easy feat. He can do the same for just about anyone. If possible, he is even cheaper than Bob, but can use almost any web tool put in front of him. He goes a bit crazy writing about his life over at Catharsis of the Bogue.com; when he can find the time between fulfilling Bob's wild requests and wrangling 4 kids.

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Jan 252014

Choosing WordPress as the CMS for your website is almost a slam-dunk.  WordPress powers just over 20% of all the websites on the Internet worldwide, which means it is a well tested, and accepted, platform for websites.  With 20% of the world’s websites being on the WordPress platform you are assured that it is a quality platform.HayleStorm Interactive's WordPress free installation

There is a downside to this popularity of WordPress among website owners, however.

The popularity of WordPress among website owners means it is also popular among Continue reading »

Bob Hayles

A Luddite at heart, Bob has adapted to being in a tech world adequately. The King of Cheap, he enjoys sharing his WordPress and inexpensive web video production skills with others. He abhors Geek-lish, but translates it into normal human language quite well. He avoids code as much as possible, and breaks out in hives at the mere sight of php, but he will make minor adjustments to HTML. He also reverts to being a Luddite at JuicyMaters.com and is something of a political junkie/blowhard at Common-Sense-Conversation.com.

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