Aug 282012
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SEO today-a fast moving target

It really doesn’t matter what kind of website you have…personal blog, small business promotion site, Internet Marketing focused site…all of them rely on traffic to be successful. Traffic is dependent on how well Google ranks your site, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also known as Google Love. SEO used to be a stable, relatively unchanging [Watch the video]

Mar 152012

As discussed in the previous post, SEO for web video is an inexact science, at best. Given the explosive growth of video this can be frustrating. Everywhere you turn, web “gurus” tell you to get into web video, then tell you that your content needs to be well optimized…then tells you that optimizing video is [Watch the video]

Mar 142012

Even for text based web content there are no hard and fast rules for Search Engine Optimization.  There are guiding principles and general “rules”, but you can find 5 different genuine SEO experts or “gurus” and get 5 different formulas for proper optimization of content, all of which are mostly right and all of which [Watch the video]