Mar 102013
Blogging toward success...5 actions to be one of the 5 percent

You are lucky! The blogging success rate is 5 percent, and 95 percent have already failed! In two basic ways, blogging is little different than any brick and mortar small business in what it takes to succeed. First, you have to make a good first impression so the customer…or reader, in the case of a [Watch the video]

Feb 252013
SEO is dead?  Internet marketers WISH it were

On page SEO isn’t dead, it is just different, and in a bad way for scammers and fast buck artists, AKA the underbelly of internet marketers. “BEWARE! “SEO is, if not dead, surely dying, and marketers are FLOCKING to YouTube with…” That was the opening line of an email I got this morning from a [Watch the video]

Feb 102013
Which came first...the chicken or the SEO keyword?

…or, who to write for…search engine algorithms or living human beings? Google Panda…Google Penguin…sheesh, what zoo animal will Google unleash on bloggers next that will completely disrupt our blogging technique and make us rethink our SEO strategy?  Well, if you are just starting out blogging and get started on the right foot, or if you [Watch the video]