Mar 042013
Make your voice heard...podcast!

Bloggers sometimes have audio files of less than optimal quality.  Auphonic cleans them up

Blogging has advanced from a mainly text based activity with a bit of graphics thrown in not that long ago (what, maybe 3-4 years?) into a medium of communication that has gotten to the point that all bloggers need to have at least SOME multimedia incorporated in it.
Podcasting, web video, live internet radio or streaming live video shows…there needs to be at least something to spice sites up to keep a site’s visitors’ attention.   Visitors are wanting more and more “flash” on the sites they visit regularly.

One fairly easy and inexpensive way to add multimedia to your site is podcasting…a sort of pre-recorded internet radio show.  Basic podcasting is both fairly easy and inexpensive to do.   Learning how to record and publish podcasts to your blog takes about a day with free software and a Continue reading »

Bob Hayles

A Luddite at heart, Bob has adapted to being in a tech world adequately. The King of Cheap, he enjoys sharing his WordPress and inexpensive web video production skills with others. He abhors Geek-lish, but translates it into normal human language quite well. He avoids code as much as possible, and breaks out in hives at the mere sight of php, but he will make minor adjustments to HTML. He also reverts to being a Luddite at and is something of a political junkie/blowhard at

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