Jan 252014

Choosing WordPress as the CMS for your website is almost a slam-dunk.  WordPress powers just over 20% of all the websites on the Internet worldwide, which means it is a well tested, and accepted, platform for websites.  With 20% of the world’s websites being on the WordPress platform you are assured that it is a quality platform.HayleStorm Interactive's WordPress free installation

There is a downside to this popularity of WordPress among website owners, however.

The popularity of WordPress among website owners means it is also popular among Continue reading »

Nov 122013

Subject line (well Duh!)

If you don’t get the subject line right, no matter what else you write in an autoresponder email, the email will fail.  That is because most (over 90%) decisions on whether to open an email or not are made based on what the recipient sees in the subject line.  The subject should find a middle ground between boring and over-hyped, and it should give a hint…not a lot, just a teaser amount…to what is in the email.

It should also be honest.

10-15 years ago most people would open almost any email they received, but those days are long gone.  People are far more discriminating about Continue reading »

Oct 092013

I wrote an article the other day about Google search and in the article I talked about “typing in” keywords.

That I concluded that sentence with ‘typing in’ shows that I am maybe somewhat behind the curve right here. Google visualizes a future where typed search inquiries are going to fall behind ‘speaking’ search questions. Which means we need a fresh technique.Google Hummingbird, the new search algorithm

That is why Google has actually released Google Hummingbird, an algorithm upgrade that (supposedly) beats Caffeine for its vastness. It will influence around Continue reading »

Oct 012013

The Remodel

For a couple of years now HSI has been a leader in three things:

  1. The blog section has provided up-to-date information on WordPress and the constant changes to the Google search algorithm, objective reviews of tools a blogger or website owner might find helpful in building and maintaining their sites, and posts with the bits and pieces, the details, that help a site owner write good copy and keep his/her site up to date and Search Engine Friendly.
  2. Our tutorials  have given the DIY WordPress beginner an economical way to learn how to use WordPress to develop their own blog or website.
  3. For those who wanted a website but preferred Continue reading »
Sep 282013

It seems like it was only last month that I told you that Google had made a major change in how webmasters would have to use Google’s Webmaster Tools (Or at least “major change” in my opinion.  To me, doing away with the much loved Keyword Tool was major).

Wait!  It WAS just last month…August 28th to be exact!

Well, Google has done it again.  The hits just keep on coming for SEO folks, and this is even faster Continue reading »