Websites are required to tell you certain things to stay out of trouble with the FTC and lawsuit-happy lawyers. With that in mind, the drop-down sub-pages below the menu tab for this page will give you all of the details in boring legalese and should make excellent reading if you are having insomnia issues on a given night.

On the other hand, if you are not sleepless and actually have a life, here is our policy on the legal stuff in short form:

First, the family of HayleStorm Interactive websites, here at HayleStorm Interactive and on our other websites, is basically run based on the “Golden Rule”, that is we treat you folks, our visitors, like we would like to be treated when we are site visitors on other peoples’ website(s).
We don’t share your private information with anyone willingly. Obviously, if you have the FBI, CIA, NSA, or other government acronym with subpoena powers or a warrant chasing you and they demand information from us that you may have left on out website, we will, unwillingly, comply.
Likewise, we do not sell your information to anyone at any time.
All of those ads you see on our website(s) are just that…advertising. We get paid for them, either on a pay-per-click basis or by earning a commission on any sales that are made when you visit an advertisers website by clicking on a link here and then make a purchase.
That hits the high spots. For the details read each individual policy…and have a great day!