WordPress Tutorials

According to the Washington Post’s website, as of September of 2014 there were over one billion…that is BILLION with 9 zeros after the “1”…websites on the Internet.  WordPress is the platform of choice for over 220,000,000 of them.

Put another way WordPress is the single most widely used website platform on the Internet powering over 22% of all of the websites on the Internet.

 WOW!  That is a LOT of websites!


 Now, your website is going to add another site to that number, your website is going to be awesome…and YOU are going to build it!

 Probably the single biggest reason WordPress is so popular is that you don’t have to be a full blown geek to have an awesome website that YOU built yourself.  WordPress is actually a fairly simple website platform to learn…if you have a good teacher and a bit of time to spare.

When everyone…the geeks here at HSI included…first sees the WordPress dashboard, we ALL have the same reaction:



But remember, 220,000,000 websites are run on WordPress and the biggest reason for its popularity is the ease with which you can build your own CUSTOM website, and that word “custom” is important.

You know all of those ads for “Free” or $1 websites?  Well, there really IS no such thing as a free lunch, and those free websites aren’t really free.  They all cost you something…either forced ads that you have no control over on YOUR site or a site you find out you really don’t own, or an unattractive cookie-cutter template site like everyone else’s, or hidden costs…but they are NOT free.

Our tutorials aren’t free either, but they cost you a small, known, fixed cost, NOT an unknown amount of time and/or money to build a WordPress site you find out later you don’t even own or really control.


There are two currencies in the world…money and time.  Which do you want to spend?

If you have plenty of the second currency…time…and the patience to teach yourself WordPress, then go for it!  Teaching yourself is probably the method that will most deeply ingrain the things you need to know to design and maintain a WordPress website…IF you have the time and IF you have the patience.


HayleStorm WordPress Tutorials…Basic and Advanced

Despite being a really simple website platform to use, WordPress can be a bit intimidating to use at first, especially until you get used to the UI.   While you are welcome to purchase the advanced tutorial and dive in to the whole WordPress world right from the start, we strongly suggest starting off with the basic course.

The HayleStorm Basic WordPress Tutorial will get you familiar with all of the tools available in WordPress that you need to get started with building and maintaining your WordPress website.  You will learn:


  • A simplified way to access the administration area of your WordPress website

  • How to easily navigate the many tools available to you to design and maintain your WordPress website.

  • How to edit the settings that control the basic function of your WordPress website.

  • How to select and enable a theme for your website…the prime controller of your WordPress website’s appearance.

  • How to install plugins, a main controller of your WordPress website’s function.

  • How to use widgets, another important controller of your WordPress website’s function and appearance.

  • The difference between Pages and Posts and how to create each on your WordPress website.

  • How to add media (pictures, video, audio, graphics, etc.) to your WordPress website.

There are other, more advanced items that can enhance your website, but these will give you all you need to build and maintain a WordPress website that you can be proud of.

As you learn, and use what you have learned in this basic WordPress tutorial it may be that you will pick up some of these advanced techniques to take your website to a much more advanced level.  If so, that is great!


 The HayleStorm Basic WordPress Tutorial can be purchased by clicking on the WordPress tutorial folder below:


If after learning the basics of WordPress you want to learn even more tips, tricks, and techniques to take your website to the next level, our Advanced WordPress Tutorial is coming in late March, 2015.