There are two currencies in the world…money and time.

You will spend one of them dealing with the details of keeping a good website up to date and working right.  If you really like the idea of getting down in the weeds about maintaining a website and its associated parts you can spend one of your currencies…time…learning what you need to know to keep your website humming along.

Most people don’t.  They don’t want to spend their time that way, that is.

Most website owners would rather spend that time, that currency, dealing with other things their website demands, things like content creation, product development, client interaction…the reasons the site exists in the first place, and spend a little of the other currency, money, letting someone else be the web geeks.


The HayleStorm Interactive team are those web geeks.


The HSI team…Bob, Justin, and Cindy…take care of the geeky stuff like website design and maintenance, SEO services, social media management, video editing, managed backup services and more while you do what you wanted to do in the first place…run your business or write for your blog.