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Everything you read about success on the internet these days seems to always tell website owners that no matter what else they do, they MUST include videos on their websites.  It seems to be a given that video is mandatory if Sometimes you just have to stop and think!you want internet success.

This site is no different.  After all, HayleStorm Interactive is all about two things:

  • Tutorials on WordPress, from the absolute newbie level to more advanced techniques so you can get the absolute most out of the WordPress platform, and…
  • How to produce quality web videos to promote your products or websites for a tiny fraction of what you would expect to spend.

So…if half of this site is dedicated to inexpensive web video production, why would we say video should be “avoided like the plague”?  After all, in 2012 half of all internet traffic consisted of video and , so avoiding video is rather like having your site commit internet suicide, right?

Not if you are an IM’er (Internet marketer).  IM’ers, beginners and the experienced, folks who sell internet marketing tools and folks who buy those tools, are for the most part addicted to BSB’s…Big Shiny Buttons, or, the latest, greatest, magical tool that will make you tens of thousands of dollars for only a few hours of work a week (which, BTW, is not possible.  You can make good money in internet marketing, but it takes work.  There is NO “magic bullet”.) and those folks selling internet marketing tools jumped on the video bandwagon a long time ago…and wore it out.

All video all the time would be bad enough, but some IM’ers…MANY IM’ers…compounded the problem by doing video wrong…either producing just plain bad video (which is a crime considering how easy and inexpensive it is to produce killer videos) or by using video in a way that is irritating, to say the least.

  •  Many IM folks think using autoplay, so the video starts when the page loads, with the viewer/victim having no control over when the video starts, showing no consideration that said viewer might be multi-tasking, opening the web page while talking to a client.  It would be nice to CHOOSE to have a video play, rather than have it forced on you.  It would be nice to see a useable “play” button before getting the sales pitch thrown at you.
  • Concurrent with the autoplay problem, those same people who think its good sales technique to cram a video down your throat with autoplay also think that volume can overcome poor quality video and set the autoplay volume at the max…which also interferes with anything else you might be doing at the same time, just like the autoplay.
  • Then there are the truly evil Internet Marketing “geniuses”...said with the same level of sarcasm applied to “gurus”, “Ninjas”, and self-proclaimed “experts”…who not only set the video to autoplay, who not only set the volume to maximum, but ALSO set the video player to “hide controls” so the only way to shut the thing up is to close the page.One would think that after all of this complaining about the use…or mis-use…of video in internet marketing I would be more than happy to close a page that has the video used in an abusive manner, and generally I am…but not always.  Occasionally I’ll run across a video that I think might have some good information, or is by a successful IM’er who I think might actually have a quality plugin or other bit of software I might have a use for, so I decide to watch…and its not a brief sales video.  Its a 30 minute “infomercial”.  With no player controls, no way to pause it…and 20 minutes in, before the pitch comes, before I know the price so I can make a decision, before I even know all of the benefits…I get an important phone call, or I have to leave for an appointment.No player controls…no pause.  If I want to finish the video I must start over…twenty minutes wasted, with time your most valuable asset, the IM’er just wasted 20 minutes of it.

I’m NOT saying that video in the IM world is gone, done, fini, kaput.  I’m not saying that successful internet marketers should move away from video, or that beginners should pass on video completely.  After all, remember that stat from earlier…by the end of this year 90% of ALL internet bandwidth useage will be used by video.

So, if you want a website, blog, or sales page, use video, but remember three things about web video and your site:

  • Don’t overdo it with the video.  Don’t beat every site visitor over the head with wall to wall video content.  In the Internet Marketing world, video has been WAY over used, turning folks off to what should be a great tool.
  • Don’t be abusive.  Those folks who are being turned off to video are being turned off by how the videos are done as much as by how much video they are hit with.  Enough with the autoplay already.  Ditto for the preset maximum volume.  And give us back out CONTROLS so we can pause and start at our convenience, not the IM’ers.
  • Last, remember, video is a part of your website…it is not the site by itself.  It enhances a good site, and ALL good sites share one characteristic…they are all built on the foundation of a consistent stream of good, quality, authoritative content.  CCC (constantly creating content) is the base, the foundation, of any website…tools like video help build on that foundation, but they wouldn’t stand on their own.  Content!

A newsstand...full of content!


At the core of every successful website or blog is content…good, quality content, content that draws visitors in the first place, and content supplied to the site on a regular basis that keeps them coming back.  Even in the IM world, a page just full of bells and whistles, like snazzy graphics or attention drawing video, relies on consistently added quality content to survive.

So, become a “WordPress Master”…we’ll help you with that here at HayleStorm Interactive.  Become a Web Video Sensei Ninja Guru…we’ll help with that, too, but first remember to…

Get out your pens and start writing!

  • Use Internet Video Marketing To Bring New Visitors To Your Business Website

Bob Hayles

A Luddite at heart, Bob has adapted to being in a tech world adequately. The King of Cheap, he enjoys sharing his WordPress and inexpensive web video production skills with others. He abhors Geek-lish, but translates it into normal human language quite well. He avoids code as much as possible, and breaks out in hives at the mere sight of php, but he will make minor adjustments to HTML. He also reverts to being a Luddite at JuicyMaters.com and is something of a political junkie/blowhard at Common-Sense-Conversation.com.

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  2 Responses to “Why IM’ers need to avoid video like the plague”


    But isn’t everybody on the web selling something (i.e. practicing IM)? Most of us just don’t do it well whether it is us, our product or affiliate products. Video is a great tool but it must be done with finesse. An IM can have finesse, can’t it?


    Ralph, it CAN but rarely DOES. It seems the IM world (understand, I am talking IM’ers that are always looking for the latest hot niche and do little in it except sell, sell, sell, with hardly a thought given to good content and what Google calls a “quality experience”. I’m talking about the folks who pick a niche, throw up a sales page, and burn the niche out without a second thought because after all…there is always the next hot niche to exploit.

    It is these people who have burned folks out on video. When it seems that every time you click “play” you get a hard sell sales pitch you get turned off to that play button.

    There is still a need fror video, but it better be well done and the selling better be a soft sell. Otherwise you might as well make only 10 second videos, because that is about as much of them folks will watch.


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