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I have talked quite a bit about the importance of video in todays online world…talking about everything from the amount of web traffic that is video (and how it is growing almost exponentially) to the fact that video pages keep visitors on a  

website a lot longer than text pages, or even pages with static graphics.

Once you decide to “go video”, you want to REALLY go video, and for most folks that means having a video “go viral”.  Here are 5 “hooks” that will help you make the viral “jump”:

Grounds You Need to Go Viral With the Video

by Adam J J Smith

Indeed a picture is worth 1000 words but a video is worth thousand views and 10,000 words. The trend setting Internet marketing just keeps on getting more and more amazing with the latest trend being video marketing. Although it’s not a new idea but has indeed become the new rage among audiences. While most of us will give credit to internet marketing for bringing videos to the forefront but the actual credit goes to social networking sites which have set the “Share” trend.

How come video viewership has taken a soaring progress within social media users? Apparently a video has a load time and then has its play time too while an image will simply display as it is accessed. When seen closely the core difference comes out with 5 major reasons that enhance user experience when it comes to video.

1- Tempting Building Blocks: A video is collection of images, content and animation. It makes the video become a delight to watch. Plus a gripping voiceover or an intriguing soundtrack ties the experience in a chic blend.

2- Easy To Share: Videos can be very easily shared with selected or generic audience. If the video has the spark in it, people simply keep on sharing it and the better a video, the more views it gets.

3- Celebs Do Influence: Videos just make the viewers get more and more involved in them when a celebrity appearance is part of the video. The fans just cannot miss out upon their celebrity.

4- Animation Is Interesting: Video which has animation gets as much attention as the one which has celebrity in it. An alluring piece of animation is simply a delight to watch.

5- Your FREE Ad: Presently, videos are actually acting as free advertisements for both businesses and individuals. These free ads bring together everything a paid advertisement has to offer. The difference is just that a good number of audiences should be gathered with help of simple internet marketing tactics.

Many digital media agencies are offering video production services but you need to be careful with this too. As they say, “all that glitters is not gold”. Make sure you utilize services of a reliable digital media agency. All in all, if you really want to downbeat your competitors you sure need to take on video marketing as it is a BIG yes to go for in the internet marketing world.

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Now that you know a few things that will take you and your video “viral”, you only need two things…a quality website and the knowledge and tools to make good videos…hopefully without spending rich Uncle Arthur’s endowment.

That’s where HayleStorm Interactive comes in

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