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Nov 142014

The next Google search algorithm is on the way, and while I don’t have a clue what they are going to name it (after Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, what’s next?), I do know what it is going to do, and better yet, I know that WordPress is ideally suited to keep the change from negatively impacting your website’s search results by taking very easy, very quickly implemented action.

Google search box

Google is continually changing its search algorithm in its ever continuing effort to give Continue reading »

Nov 102014

I get an unreal number of emails each and every day.  While the actual number may vary, the average is well up into the triple digits spread overt 4 email addresses.  Even when you discount the ones that are for support or are inquiring about HayleStorm Interactive services and just count the ones specifically to me (people selling me services or products, news items on topics I follow, etc) I still average 200+ emails received each day.

I do not read every one. The fact is I don’t even open them all.

Once I get past those that are business related that I really have to open…emails from PayPal, my bank, my insurance company, etc…I actually open less than 10 of my emails each day.

If you receive a lot of emails you are probably the same…and guess what?  The people you email with info on Continue reading »

Nov 032014

We all have a common goal with our websites…page one in a Google search.  With very rare exception everything we do to our sites is driven, at least in part, toward getting our sites ranked high with search engines and we all work to get as much Google Love as possible, right?  We read every article, blog post (including this one), watch every video, and visit every forum we can find that we think might just have IT.

Then, when someone (anyone?) comes up with IT…we we scramble to do whatever they say, on the off chance they have found IT.  Even HSI has ideas you should be implementing!

The fact is there is no single thing…no Holy Grail…of collecting Google Love and landing Continue reading »

Feb 182014

WordPress has come a long way since it was first developed as a blogging platform.  Now it can be used as a full fledged CMS and is capable of powering the most complex of websites, not simple blogs.woman "commenting"

As a blogging platform WordPress had some features that are still a part of the core WordPress code that you may not want to use on a non-blog commercial website.  Also, your site may be a combination of commercial site and blog, like here at HayleStorm Interactive, and you might use those “blog” features on some of your Continue reading »

Jan 292014

In one of our last articles, namely this one, Bob showed us how to make our WordPress sites more secure.  In that post he discussed choosing a username that is not “admin” or some combination of your name.  Well, we looked at our own accounts, and both Bob and I were guilty of violating that rule on some sites we each own.  Maybe you are as well.

What should a blog post DO?

Here is the rub though. If you go into your User Profile, it says that the usernames cannot be changed.  This is another security feature of WordPress, but, if you left your username as “admin” what are you to do?  We just told you Continue reading »