Feb 182014

WordPress has come a long way since it was first developed as a blogging platform.  Now it can be used as a full fledged CMS and is capable of powering the most complex of websites, not simple blogs.woman "commenting"

As a blogging platform WordPress had some features that are still a part of the core WordPress code that you may not want to use on a non-blog commercial website.  Also, your site may be a combination of commercial site and blog, like here at HayleStorm Interactive, and you might use those “blog” features on some of your Continue reading »

Jan 292014

In one of our last articles, namely this one, Bob showed us how to make our WordPress sites more secure.  In that post he discussed choosing a username that is not “admin” or some combination of your name.  Well, we looked at our own accounts, and both Bob and I were guilty of violating that rule on some sites we each own.  Maybe you are as well.

What should a blog post DO?

Here is the rub though. If you go into your User Profile, it says that the usernames cannot be changed.  This is another security feature of WordPress, but, if you left your username as “admin” what are you to do?  We just told you Continue reading »

Jan 252014

Choosing WordPress as the CMS for your website is almost a slam-dunk.  WordPress powers just over 20% of all the websites on the Internet worldwide, which means it is a well tested, and accepted, platform for websites.  With 20% of the world’s websites being on the WordPress platform you are assured that it is a quality platform.HayleStorm Interactive's WordPress free installation

There is a downside to this popularity of WordPress among website owners, however.

The popularity of WordPress among website owners means it is also popular among Continue reading »

Nov 122013

Subject line (well Duh!)

If you don’t get the subject line right, no matter what else you write in an autoresponder email, the email will fail.  That is because most (over 90%) decisions on whether to open an email or not are made based on what the recipient sees in the subject line.  The subject should find a middle ground between boring and over-hyped, and it should give a hint…not a lot, just a teaser amount…to what is in the email.

It should also be honest.

10-15 years ago most people would open almost any email they received, but those days are long gone.  People are far more discriminating about Continue reading »

Oct 092013

I wrote an article the other day about Google search and in the article I talked about “typing in” keywords.

That I concluded that sentence with ‘typing in’ shows that I am maybe somewhat behind the curve right here. Google visualizes a future where typed search inquiries are going to fall behind ‘speaking’ search questions. Which means we need a fresh technique.Google Hummingbird, the new search algorithm

That is why Google has actually released Google Hummingbird, an algorithm upgrade that (supposedly) beats Caffeine for its vastness. It will influence around Continue reading »